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Matheno Features & Benefits

Here are some examples of Calculus problems you will find on Matheno.

  • Typical HW and exam questions

    You'll find all of the homework and exam questions common to introductory Calculus classes.

  • Solutions are one click away

    Access complete step-by-step solutions to every problem.

  • Full solutions to every problem

    View step-by-step solutions, so you'll never be lost or have to search for more detail elsewhere.

  • Full solutions to every problem

    View step-by-step solutions, so you'll never be lost or have to search for more detail elsewhere.

  • Classic Exam Questions

    Questions from actual university exams. Full solutions are a click away.

Calculus Topics

Due to the evolution of our site, we have two types of material:

* New Interactive, Step-by-Step Chapters

Our new material spreads most Topics' development across several screens, so you can build your understanding step-by-step. We've crafted focused, interactive Desmos calculators so you can explore key ideas for yourself, and hence be able to apply those new ideas to each new problem type you encounter. The accompanying Check Questions and Practice Problems (all of course with complete solutions a click away) are then focused on that screen's material.

Zoom in around point (9,3) on graph of sqrt(x) to show linear approximation

Introductory Ideas

Show/Hide Partial Chapter Contents
  • First Calculus Calculations: Simple Motion
  • Generalizing to Other Rates of Change
  • Introducing Linear Approximations and Differentials
  • Average Rate of Change
  • Estimating df/dx at x = a

Static image of graph used in Limits Lab

Limits & Continuity

Show/Hide Partial Chapter Content
  • Introduction to Limits
  • “Tolerance;” Epsilon, Delta & Formal Limit Definition
  • Approximations to Find a Limit (Lab)
  • Limits that Do and Do Not Exist
  • One-sided Limits
  • Vertical Asymptotes
  • Calculating Limits: limit laws, substitution, factor, use conjugates, …
  • The Squeeze Theorem; Special Limits
  • Limits at Infinity: the meaning, limits of polynomials, rational functions, exponentials and logarithms
  • Computing limits at infinity with square roots
  • Continuity & The Intermediate Value Theorem

Calculating Derivates Chapter cover, featuring the Product Rule

Calculating Derivatives

Show/Hide Sample Chapter Contents
  • Derivatives of Polynomials, Exponentials, Trig Functions, …
  • Product and Quotient Rules
  • Chain Rule

* Legacy Material: Summaries & Practice Problems (with solutions)

The material below does not have the depth or interactivity of the Chapters above. Instead each single screen contains a summary of the Topic's key ideas, along with some of our practice problems for that Topic (again, each of course with a complete solution one click away). Previous students have found these pages quite helpful; they're just not nearly as developed as the full Chapters above.

You can access everything easily from our Calculus Home page.

We'll be adding more topics soon as we grow. Please watch (or join!) our Forum for updates!

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